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Last Update: 07 Dec 2016
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State Services Modernisation Unit (SSMU)

Chief Minister's Department,
Level 4, Wisma Bapa Malaysia,
93502 Petra Jaya, Kuching. 

Tel: +6082-449005
Fax: +6082-449002


06 Dec 2016Malaysia to Establish Cybersecurity Academy

The Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) and Protection Group International (PGI) have signed an agreement to work together to develop a cybersecurity academy in Malaysia. ...

02 Dec 2016Half of IT Pros Say Insider Threats Are a Bigger Concern Than Hackers

Cybercriminals often try to infiltrate companies from the outside, but about half of security pros are more concerned with threats creating havoc from the inside. ...

How to maintain data and document security with a mobile

Pragmatic approach 

Data and document security with today’s mobile workforce can be a difficult challenge. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” problem; one needs to weigh the risks to ensure that you are operating within a tolerable risk level or the opposite in which you put significant controls around devices, hamper productivity for no benefit. Take a pragmatic approach – you want the ability to clearly and justly answer the organization's question of, “Why is this security measure necessary?” As security leaders, we want to allow your teams to move as fast as possible and not deploy a policy or technology because someone touts it as the best way to do something. Security vendor Conga provides these tips for that healthy balance....

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