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Last Update: 24 Feb 2017
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State Services Modernisation Unit (SSMU)

Chief Minister's Department,
Level 4, Wisma Bapa Malaysia,
93502 Petra Jaya, Kuching. 

Tel: +6082-449005
Fax: +6082-449002


14 Feb 2017 - Gmail Delivers Spoofed Messages Without Warning, Researchers Find

Spoofed emails could easily land in user’s Gmail inboxes without even warning them of suspicious activity, security researchers have discovered. ...

08 Feb 2017 - Alert: Spam email

If you receive this email, please delete it as it's a spam email. Do not click on the link ( as instructed to upgrade the mailbox.


06 Feb 2017 - PKI: Essential for Medical IoT

There are thousands of medical devices in use today vulnerable to hacking. Hospitals, outpatient centers, healthcare practices and even patients in their homes use high-tech equipment every day to monitor care, improve patient outcomes, and save lives. However, these connected devices (and the data housed within them) are at risk for exploitation without proper authentication and encryption. ...

Why 2017 will be the worst year ever for security

Sony. Anthem. The Office of Personnel Management. Target. Yahoo. The past two years have seen one mega-breach after another—and 2017 promises to be the most catastrophic year yet. ...

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