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Last Update: 1 May 2017
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State Services Modernisation Unit (SSMU)

Chief Minister's Department,
Level 4, Wisma Bapa Malaysia,
93502 Petra Jaya, Kuching. 

Tel: +6082-449005
Fax: +6082-449002


25 Apr 2017 - Employees Are Sharing Confidential Info at Alarming Rates

Nearly three in four employees (72%) are willing to share sensitive, confidential or regulated company information, and more than one in three employees say it’s common to take confidential corporate data with them when leaving a company. ...

13 Apr 2017 - Antivirus headaches that compromise browser security

Google is one company that lives and dies in the web, so for many reasons, they need to care -- a lot -- about browser security. That was the focus of engineering lead for Chrome Security at Google, Justin Schuh's keynote speech at this year's Infiltrate 2017 conference. ...

10 Apr 2017 - The digital dilemma in enterprises is deepening: study

Organisations around the world are failing to implement effective digital strategies. As a result their customer experience (CX) solutions are becoming disjointed, and digital is not displacing traditional phone interactions at the speed that their customers are demanding. ...

Popularity of cloud computing fueling demand for identity-as

The rising adoption of cloud computing, especially among small and medium organizations, is fuelling demand for new business models such as Identity as a Service (IDaaS) within the identity and access management (IAM) space. IDaaS will strike a balance between on-premise and cloud identity management, as well as significantly lower the cost of ownership of IAM solutions. ...

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