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Last Update: 19 Oct 2018
Version 8.1.2
Clear Screen Policy Clear Screen Policy

A Policy which directs all users of screens/ terminals to ensure that the contents of the screen are protected from prying eyes and opportunistic breaches of confidentially.

Typically, the easiest means of compliance is to use a screen saver which will engage, either on request, or after a specified time, which is not more than 5 minutes.

This is very important with open plan offices becoming common that we could accidentally expose confidential material. Information can be read from the screen, especially when the workstation is logged on and the owner are away from his/her desk.


1) Computer terminals / notebook should not be left logged on when unattended and should be password protected.

2) Computer screens should be angled away from the view of unauthorized persons.

3) The Window Security Lock (screen saver) should be set to activate when there is no activity for a short pre-determined period of time.

4) The Window Security Lock (screen saver) should be password protected for reactivation.

5) Users should log off their machines when they leave the room.